Thank you for being part of the 2019 National Congress in Darwin.

As a valued partner to LG Professionals Australia and an asset to the 537 councils across the country, we'd like your help. To help us deliver the most valuable experience for you in 2020 and beyond, we’d like your valuable input.

Please take the few minutes it will take to answer some very specific questions about your experience at the 2019 National Congress and on what you'd find most valuable in the year ahead.

It will go a long way in making sure next year goes above and beyond your expectations, and by completing the survey we're offering you $500 off your exhibition fee at the 2020 National Congress when you secure your place early.

Firstly, a few questions on this recent National Congress - mostly simple yes/no answers.

Did you collect sufficient delegate contact details?

Were you able to engage in meaningful discussion with delegates?

Did you engage with delegates at the Gala Dinner & Awards Night?

Have you reached out and engaged with delegates since the National Congress?

Were you satisfied with your booth location?

What are your thoughts on the frequency and duration of lunch and tea breaks in the Exhibition?

Next, we'd like your input more directly on the future of the National Congress.

What do you feel would increase your Congress exposure?

What do you feel would increase your engagement with delegates?

What changes or inclusions might enhance your overall experience?

Would a social evening with other exhibitors be beneficial?

What changes or enhancements could be made to the Exhibition room?

How can LG Professionals Australia facilitate more meaningful engagement between you and local government at future events (whether this be unique side events and tours, interactive workshops, etc)?

Overall, what was your impression of the 2019 National Congress & Business Expo in Darwin?

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